About Toygers

Whilst the lion may be the king of beasts the tiger is arguably the most majestic of the big cats. Unfortunately tigers are highly endangered and it seems as if little can be done to stop their slide toward extinction. But breeder, Judy Sugden and other cat breeders who followed her lead hope that their creation—the Toyger (toy tiger)—will help bring recognition to the tiger’s plight.

Champion "Elton" - Toyger
Grand Champion Toyger – Elton

As the striped Toyger slinks through your living room it would be easy to imagine that he is truly a tiger cub. However one that won’t grow up to eat you! Whilst individual cats vary the Toyger generally has a sweet, calm personality and is the perfect cat for people who will love them and care for them. Keep them indoors to protect him from cars, diseases spread by other cats and attacks from other animals.

Toygers are friendly, outgoing, active, alert, highly intelligent and easy to train. They like to play fetch and can be taught to go on walks outdoors. They are also good candidates for agility training and get along with other pets and children making them excellent in a family environment.

Lasskats and Toygers

We have been fortunate to achieve a few firsts with Toygers in Western Australia.

  • We are the first and only registered breeder of Toyger kittens in Perth (as of 2019).
  • Recently we have achieved the first Grand Champion Toyger shown in Perth – “Elton”.
  • Lasskats has the honour of having the first Perth born Toygers (yay!).

We sell de-sexed pet Toygers to customers in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

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